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Community Benefit Improvement District

Downtown Willow Glen's Community Benefit Improvement District:  Serving Willow Glen at the Community Level


Willow Glen’s history, neighborhoods and business district create a unique dynamic within the city of San Jose… And to maintain its charm and small town appeal, issues regarding safety, cleanliness and public amenities need to be addressed by the local community. The Community Benefit Improvement District (CBID) empowers it to do so.


A cornerstone for maintaining the renaissance of Downtown Willow Glen.

Willow Glen stands out as a lifestyle center and is hugely improved from the down-days of just a few years ago. But in a rapidly evolving climate for retail business and professional services, maintaining this advantage means being able to act fast and focus hard on issues – rather than wait for City Hall to get things done. Your CBID enables the Willow Glen Business Association to do so. Its locally-raised funds enable us to expedite action on issues ranging from graffiti removal and tree trimming to parking management, landscaping and support for community events. The result: A reliable foundation for maintaining, improving and promoting San Jose’s most popular business district.


San Jose’s only CBID. Funded and managed locally to benefit Willow Glen.

San Jose features a wide range of business districts. Only Willow Glen offers your business the advantages of having a CBID. These are two-fold:


  1. Having a CBID in no way decreases the services that the City of San Jose is obligated to provide Willow Glen.
  2. The money obtained under the CBID for Downtown Willow Glen goes directly to improving and maintaining your business district and nowhere else. It’s your money spent where it matters most: Locally. Funds raised in Willow Glen stay in Willow Glen.



There are no single players when it comes to maintaining and promoting any business district.  So even though many issues are best handled at the community level, doing so has to be done in partnership with the City, property owners, business owners, residents and customers. Our CBID provides the WGBA vital leverage to do this. Raising money from assessments on every parcel in the district, it provides a guaranteed financial base for maintaining and enhancing Downtown Willow Glen – and a springboard for funding events and promotions that are enormously popular and profitable. These events now contribute over $250,000 to the WGBA’s annual budget – over half. Without CBID, such activities would be curtailed and revenue for improvements slashed.


CBID by the numbers.

For more details on Willow Glen’s CBID and its benefits check out the Frequently Asked Questions, Finance and Services pages. In the meantime here’s a summary of relevant numbers:


  • Willow Glen’s CBID was approved in 2008 and implemented in 2010.
  • Since its implementation in 2010 the CBID has raised over $700,000 toward improving Downtown Willow Glen.  The WGBA has been able to leverage those funds by creating events and promotions that have raised over $600,000 in additional funds.
  • CBID benefits over 300 businesses in Downtown Willow Glen.
  • Local oversight for more than 30 critical services is empowered by CBID including:
    • Sidewalk maintenance
    • Graffiti and trash removal
    • Landscape maintenance, tree trimming and plantings
    • Parking management
    • Advertising
    • Special events

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