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It often pays to move beyond the usual… And in the case of Willow Glen, a very unusual combination of people, neighborhoods and businesses have created a synergy that can only be described as a triumph of peaceful dynamics – that benefits businesses and residents alike.


Three Great Reasons to Locate A Business in Willow Glen:



When it comes to location, numbers are a great place to start – and 95125 is an ideal combination to begin with. It’s one of the Bay Area’s most desirable zip codes to live and work in. Its statistics in terms of crime (very low) and personal safety (very high) are enviable even in San Jose – rated as one of the nation’s most family-friendly and crime-free urban centers.


Great schools, great neighborhoods, great businesses – another combination that’s unusual to find, but yours to benefit from in Willow Glen. Its downtown business district is within easy walking distance of hundreds of affluent households. Excellent schools and their activities attract attention to the district. And it hosts popular events that draw visitors from the entire Bay Area.


As a destination, Willow Glen serves as a terminus for people and communities from all of San Jose. Whether seeking a day of family fun at an event or festival, advice from one of the community’s professional services, an afternoon of pleasant shopping or an evening of superb dining, Willow Glen is top of mind for people from all over the Silicon Valley.


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