All Natural Day Spa invites you to a special health and wellness event so you can promote your business or services in the community.


This event is on October 23, 2013 in the back parking lot at the back of All Natural Day Spa located at 1042 Lincoln Ave., San Jose CA, 95125. It will be from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. Vendors are asked to arrive by 5:00pm.  There will be plenty of parking at the vacant lot adjacent to the spa – 1030 Lincoln Ave., San Jose CA 95125.


We will offer mini facials and ten minute massages as a sample of our services.  Best of all, there will be lovely assortment of food, drink, and wine, and dessert.


Promote your business by having a 5- minute presentation to give people the opportunity to see, touch, feel or even taste and sell your products. You are encouraged to give your presentation every half hour to maximize attendee participation.


Requirements for vendor participation:

1)  A contribution of $50.00 is to help cover food, drinks, wine, dessert and rental of (tables, chairs, and table cloth).


2)  Each business is encouraged to give a 5- minute presentation, each half hour to retain the attendee for at least 10 to 20 minutes. This gives you time to answer questions and sell your product or services.  Also attendees are required to obtain your Logo Stamp or sticker on their “Prize Sheet” after they have heard your presentation in order to enter the event raffle.


3) A donation of two raffle gifts is required.  One raffle prize will be raffled at the end of the night from each vendor’s table. The second prize will be raffled as part of a bigger prize after each attendee completes the requirements to qualify for the Grand Prize at the end of the event. This super prize will consist of a donation from each vendor.


4) The vendor needs to be responsible for collecting the attendees information on a form or ticket collected after the vendor’s 5 minute presentation.  The attendee will deposit the form or ticket in a container that the vendor must also provide. All Natural Day Spa will provide the containers for the three big drawings.  Both drawings will be held, as mentioned, at the end of the evening to conclude this gala event. Attendees do not need to be present to win. (This is why their information will have to be on each form or ticket.)


5)  Posters will be printed and distributed to the participant vendors.  Venders are encouraged to promote the event, by posting the poster and by using any social media available such as your email or facebook.


Please provide us with your presentation topic (in a paragraph or sentence for our online and print advertisement) and a brief description of your business. Please call (408) 286-8612 to arrange payment of cash or by check directly to Gloria Maciel at All Natural Day Spa.


Attendee Requirements:

The attendees will be required to attend a minimum number of the five minute presentations in order for them to qualify to enter one of three free drawings. This number will be determined at a later date.


1).The attendee must attend a certain number of presentations at the various venders in order to qualify for the first raffle prize.


2).The attendee must attend to a certain number of presentations by the various vendors and make a minimum purchase for in order to qualify for the second raffle prize.


3).The attendees will be required to identify by name a certain number of vendors and meet the above requirements in order to qualify for the Grand Prize. Again, this number will be determined at a later date and be based on the total number of vendors present.


4.) Upon entering the event, we will be providing each attendee with a “Prize Sheet” that will list each vendor’s service or product offering. Attendee will collect a sticker or stamp (provided by the vendor) to prove the customer has attended the specific vendor or purchased product.

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