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Willow Glen Business Association

What helps set Willow Glen apart from the rest? You do.


Our first order of business is to understand yours… So the Willow Glen Business Association (WGBA) holds monthly Board Meetings that we encourage residents and local business owners to attend and provide feedback to. We want you to know what’s being discussed, what’s in the works and what’s happening next. And we hope it will encourage you to join us



Meetings, minutes, minutiae…


Please join our next meeting and check it all out! See the below for our board meeting schedule.  Get the details on board agendas and events in News>> Check out what’s on our Events and Activities Calendar>> And don’t forget to see how you can join the WGBA and to explore its Benefits




The Time: 8am.

The Date: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month

The Place: Willow Glen Community Center, 2175 Lincoln Ave



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