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Center for Spiritual Living

1195 Clark St.
San Jose, CA 95125
United States
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(408) 294-1828
Sunday Celebration Services 9:30 AM, 11 AM Sunday Night Service 2nd & 4th Sundays 6 PM Office Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday
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About Center for Spiritual Living

A welcome message from Dr. David Bruner, Spiritual Director:


Dear Friends,


Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living, where all that we ask is that you stay open to the

possibility of changing your entire life ... by changing your mind.


Center for Spiritual Living is a place where the entire lifecycle of a people and their continuing

relationship with Spirit can be celebrated. Generations of spiritual truth seekers have been

creating this haven, wherein every person is honored, noticed, and valued.Our members and

friends are diverse in age, lifestyle and culture, and are deeply committed to community life.

You are welcome here.


Attending a new spiritual community may sometimes be unsettling. Because of that, we will not

ask you to stand, speak or do anything to draw attention to yourself.Although we are a joyful,

gregarious and hugging group, we are equally as happy to shake hands. When the offering

basket is passed during service give if you feel called, but as our guest,we have no



Our 2014 Annual Theme is "Sowing Seeds of Greatness – A New Design For Living."

Additionally, we are using the Centers for Spiritual Living Global Heart Vision as our guide,

which reads:


We envision the emergence of the Global Heart to balance and guide our evolution as

stewards of our planet and all its inhabitants.


We see a world free of homelessness, violence, war, hunger, separation and



We see a world in which there is generous and continuous sharing of

heart and resources ... a world in which forgiveness, whether for errors,injustices, or

debts, is the norm ... a world in which borders are irrelevant ... a world which has renewed

its emphasis on beauty, nature and love through a resurgence of creativity,art, and

aesthetics ... a world in which fellowship prospers and connects through the guidance of

spiritual wisdom and experience ...... a world in which we live and grow as One Global

Family that respects and honors the interconnectedness of all life.


We envision Center for Spiritual Living as a bridge across the illness and illusion of

separation, thereby dynamically empowering the vision of Global Heart. The spiritual

community of Center for Spiritual Living is united and actuated by this compelling vision of

a healthy world —  a world experiencing Global Heart — and is ardently committed to

bringing this vision forth through its ministries and its transformative teaching.


Center for Spiritual Living is a community of inspired individuals caring for and about each

other and the entire planetary family, thereby bringing the gift of active compassion and

kindness to the world and causing us to become a point of inspiration and influence to

benefit all expressions of Life.


Our Monthly Themes support the Annual Theme and Global Heart Vision. In short, 2014 will be

a year of exploring our understanding and daily application of our New Thought, Ancient

Wisdom and Mystical traditions.


Our prayer is that somewhere between worship services, rites of passage,spiritual education

opportunities, and community-building social events you will find exactly what you are seeking.


Grateful you have joined us in celebration, I remain

Yours In Service,

David Bruner


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