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EyeSpy Critiquing & Consulting

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About EyeSpy Critiquing & Consulting


Supporting You to:

  • Ensure guest satisfaction
  • Enhance profits
  • Increase repeat clientele
  • Improve staff morale
  • Receive quantitative analysis about your customer experience

More than critiquing:

  • Service training
  • Staff & management consulting
  • Handbooks & operation manuals
  • Consulting service
  • Mandatory sate law training CA AB:1825





EyeSpy offers the best mystery shopping service in the industry.  We specializes in working hand in hand with restaurant owners and service providers to create detailed and comprehensive site specific evaluations that are used by our secret shoppers to provide raw, unbiased, anonymous snap shots of your operation.

The evaluations are individually designed to give you the information that you want, and unlike our competitors, we will work with you to schedule evaluations for specific shifts or employees.

We provide dining room focused or bar specific evaluations as well as our often utilized combination bar and restaurant “shops” for restaurants. Our evaluators go through an in-depth training program that is superior in the mystery shopping field. While other companies provide yes or no questionnaires our  group of selected evaluators provide more than just a yes or no response to a list of questions. Our evaluations contain a great deal of description and read more like a detailed and comprehensive story of an average guest’s visit, thereby allowing you to experience your business the way your customers do.

The quantitative information and honest feedback that we provide, allows owners and operators an impartial measurement of their staff’s efforts as well as an awareness of possible shortcomings. This information supports focus on areas of improvement in operations and ways of supporting your employees.  It is also a great tool for acknowledging exceptional efforts by the staff and positively reinforcing a job well done.  

Many of our clients consider our mystery shopping service as the best tool they have to make general and specific improvements to their operations; as well as for ensuring that their guests receive the highest level of service and overall customer satisfaction. By gaining an outside viewpoint from their customers, owners and operators can logically determine the best ways to focus their attention towards enhancing profits, increasing repeat clientele, and improving staff morale.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary evaluation.


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