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Red Dot Fitness

1049 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
United States
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About Red Dot Fitness

Fitness from the inside out.

OUR MISSION is to provide clients and community a unique and unparalleled fitness experience while helping them to achieve their ultimate potential.


Red Dot Fitness - Located in the heart of Willow Glen in San Jose, California, Red Dot Fitness focuses on improving not only performance, but quality of life. Through our hands on approach to personal training, we focus on functionality and the mastery of all components of fitness, for every level of client. We aim to inspire the community to confront, then prioritize their health and fitness while seeking to become the resource for their ultimate achievement.


Through over a decade of experience in corporate and private settings, we're driven to educate and empower, push limits where appropriate, and assist our clients and members in achieving a level never before thought possible.


Getting started correctly is the first step to success.

How much weight do you want to lose? What specifically would you like to change about your body? What skills or areas of improvement are needed for your chosen sport?.


Clients can train in a 1-on-1 Private, Semi-Private (2-3 individuals), or Small Group (4-6 individuals) environment depending on both their needs and goals.



How do I determine which program is best for me?

  • 1-on-1 Private Sessions - You want and/or need individualized attention and motivation with very specific programming adjustments and follow-up. You need some flexibility in your training schedule.

  • Semi-Private Sessions - You have one to two training partners who may or may not have similar fitness levels and/or goals, but you enjoy the camaraderie of training with other people. You want the "Personal" in Personal Training and need a more economical option.




  • Small Group Sessions - You enjoy working out with groups or have a group of friends that enjoy working out together. You can commit to pre-determined session days and times throughout the month. You're motivated by teammates and like being surrounded by achievers. You enjoy a high energy and fast-paced workout environment.
Visit our Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) Studio at 1018 Lincoln Ave for our branded SGPT programming including Strength & Conditioning, Yoga, and Boxing.




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