How is the CBID managed?

The Willow Glen Business Association (WGBA) is the management entity for the CBID for Downtown Willow Glen. The Board of Directors consists of property owners, business owners and community members. The Board governs the organization, ensuring that the funds are collected and spent according to the District Management Plan. Meetings of the board and its subcommittees are subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act and must be open to the public. The Willow Glen CBID will last for 15 years and upon the 15th year, the property owners may vote to renew the CBID.

Does the City of San Jose reduce services because Willow Glen has a CBID?

Absolutely not, which is one of the main attractions with a CBID. A service baseline agreement is entered into with all City agencies that provide services to downtown Willow Glen. The CBID holds those agencies accountable for continuing to provide services and under California law, the City is not allowed to cut services specific to our district unless it is making cuts City wide. The WGBA board took it a step further and had a letter authored and signed by Mayor Reed and District 6 Councilmember Oliverio pledging to maintain City services within the CBID (see letter dated July 14, 2008).

Who was the consultant who helped initiate the CBID and who paid for his contract?

Marco LiMandri was the consultant and his company is NewCity America. Since 1990, Marco and New City America has worked for and advised in the consideration and formation of over 45 special assessment districts, BIDs, PBIDs, Neighborhood Improvement Districts, Special Service Areas or Community Benefit Districts in California and throughout the US. He hails from San Diego where he formed the BIDs and CBIDs in Little Italy, a world-class neighborhood business district where he grew up and continues to live with his large family.

In 2007, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed earmarked funds to pay the consultant's fees as a way to help support the efforts of the Willow Glen Business Association build a more vital economic engine for the district and the City as a whole. The Mayor and Councilmember Oliverio considered the CBID in Willow Glen as the first of many opportunities city-wide for our neighborhood districts.

Where is the Willow Glen Community Benefit Improvement District?

Essentially, most commercial properties on and around Lincoln Avenue between Minnesota Avenue to Lester Avenue and Broadway Avenue.

How much does the CBID cost and when and how are assessments made?

Assessments vary for each property and is based on three components: lot size, building size and linear street frontage with a cost multiplier tied to each and based on methodology used in dozens of other CBIDs. The CBID assesment is included in property owners' tax bills. Properties are categorized into two zones. Learn more on the Finance page.

Do Willow Glen residents pay a CBID assessment?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! No one outside the boundaries of the CBID pays any assessment for the CBID.




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