Founders' Day Parade

Street Closure and Parade Route


Event Information:  The Founders’ Day Parade will be held on Saturday, September 19 starting at 10:30 am and ending at approximately noon .  The Parade will consist of over 60 entries celebrating the past, present and future of Willow Glen — from local schools, organizations, businesses, cultural groups, bands and much more!   For more parade information visit or call (408) 298-2100.  


Road Closures That May Impact You: 

  • Lincoln Avenue from Broadway to 280 will be closed at 8:30 am for staging
  • Lincoln Ave. from Broadway to Minnesota will be closed by 10:00 am for the parade
  • As the parade clears Lincoln Avenue will be opened, and it is expected to be fully open by noon  
  • The north side lane (westbound) of Minnesota between Lincoln Ave. and a lane on Cherry Ave. will be closed at 10 am for disbanding parade entries 


 No Parking/Tow Away Zones:  Some areas along or near the parade route will be posted as “No Parking—Tow Away Zones” to ensure the safety of all parade participants in both the staging area and along the parade route.  Please adhere to dates and times posted; the “Tow Away Zones” will be strictly enforced and vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. 


Businesses:  Due to restricted vehicular access, businesses are encouraged to schedule deliveries and inform customers/clients accordingly. 


For more information regarding the Founders’ Day Parade:  
Call (408) 298-2100