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The History of the Willow Glen Neighborhood

Willow Glen Basket Factory - Date unknown

Willow Glen began as a marshy area with numerous Willow trees surrounding the Los Gatos Creek and Guadalupe River. It was drained in the early 1900's and planted with orchards. Later, houses and roads were built in the farmland and Willow Glen began to urbanize, with Lincoln Avenue developing as its downtown shopping area. In the 1920's a railroad was proposed to run through the middle of the community. Area residents joined together to successfully prevent the railroad from dividing their community.

In 1927 the area was incorporated as the town of Willow Glen. By the 1930's the growth of the community made it necessary to join the City of San Jose and in 1936, the town of Willow Glen ceased to be as it became a part of the City of San Jose.



Dedication of new School "First Standard" 1910 known today as Willow Glen Elementary

During the 1960's, Willow Glen was once again faced with an attempt to divide its community with the proposal of an expressway that would run through the center of their neighborhood. Once again, the community joined together to stop this incursion.

Today, downtown is a bustling shopping district filled with shoppers, strollers and dogs walking up and down the sweeping tree-lined sidewalks.


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Willow Glen Improvement club float in Fiesta de las Rosas parade. 1929
Willow Glen Improvement club float in Fiesta de las Rosas parade. 1929
Willow Glen church- 1920 - 1930 1154 Lincoln Ave
Willow Glen School
Willow Glen Street Car on Lincoln Ave 1913
Willow Glen Electric Street Car w/Engineers - 1920-1930