Road Diet Trial Meeting - Feb 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm


If you would like to learn more about the upcoming Lincoln Ave. Road Diet Trial, the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA) will be hosting a town meeting next Thursday, February 12 at 6:30 pm in the Willow Glen Elementary School cafeteria.


For more information about the Lincoln Ave. Road Diet Trial or to give feedback please also visit our webpage at


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  • Keith Brumbaugh wrote on

    Best diet ever. Hopefully those just passing through Willow Glen will choose Meridian or some other north/south route instead. Fewer, slower moving cars on Lincoln will be good for all. Hopefully this become a permanent thing.

  • Chris Campbell wrote on

    In 2002, we participated in a traffic calming study for Hicks Ave, between Minnesota and Curtner. At that time, the number of cars using Hicks had reached nearly 7000 per day. Several conditions became clear to us through that study. 1. There is not enough capacity on the major arterials through Willow Glen to handle the number of cars. 2. The SJDOT is fully aware of this and continues to solve more visible issues by diverting traffic through WG neighborhood streets. It seems that each time there is a change to support business interests, in this case, the Downtown Willow Glen Association, the result is more dangerous neighborhood residential streets. As drivers to attempt to filter through our neighborhood streets to get around the jams, our street speeds and congestion increase to dangerous levels, threatening the safety of residents including children, elderly and animals. As a side note, at that time of that 2002 study, residents were promised traffic-calming measures that have never materialized. We’re still living with the rusted “temporary” barrier on Hicks at Minnesota. Since the implementation of the Lincoln Ave lane changes, the filter-through traffic in our area has increased substantially. I haven't driven through the other well-known cut-through streets in WG, but I can only guess their conditions have worsened as well. There are times when I can’t back out of my driveway on Hicks. The light at Minnesota and Meridian is now commonly backed up nearly to Weaver. Downtown, for the first time, I waited nearly 10 minutes to get out of the Aqui area parking lot, only to wait even longer at the Willow & Lincoln light. The new middle turn lanes on Lincoln often block access to the left turn lane at Willow. While it would be great to have less traffic in the downtown business area, it is clear that there is no solution for the resulting increase in traffic on the neighborhood streets. It is also clear that there is no solution for congestion at the major cross street lights even in the downtown area. This is no solution at all. If this becomes permanent, I, for one, plan to vote with my wallet. I will not support any business that decreases the quality of life and safety of the neighborhood it serves in an attempt to improve business.

  • Tim Adelman wrote on

    If I had a business on Lincoln Ave I would be more than a little upset with this ill advised decision. As a local resident, of 0ver 35 years, I can say that going down to one of my three favorite restaurants is now out of the question. It now takes longer to get to places with less parking spaces. Hindsight has always better than foresight, but in this case there seems to have been no forward thinking at all. If there had been a vote regarding this decision, I wasn't aware, but like others I have talked with, our votes will be reflected via my spending habits on Lincoln Avenue.

  • Tim Adelman wrote on

    Your Comment Section doesn't work correctly either.