Seeking Photos of Historic Willow Glen


Can YOU help us find photos of Historic Willow Glen? To enhance the image of San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood, we're creating a digital photo library for use in historical literature, community displays, and event promotions. If you have "photographic memories" that you'd like to share, please call Superior Color Lab at 408-269-5725.

Remember: history is in the eye of the beholder! Any photos prior to the 1980's are worth showing us. And if we think your photos can help us fill in the gaps in Willow Glen's history, Superior Color Lab will scan them, return your photos, and give you a free CD of the digitized images.

This project is sponsored by the Willow Glen Business Association, the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association, and Superior Color Lab.

(Want to learn about the old photos featured in the banners flying in Downtown Willow Glen right now? Please click here.)

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