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2023 WG Holiday Ornament

A Willow Glen holiday tradition for the past eleven years,

the twelfth WG holiday ornament has arrived in stores!

The theme of the 2023 ornament is a nod back to the very first ornament showing

Santa and a Willow Glen yard tree, a tradition for many Willow Glen residents. A

scroll inscribed “2012-2023 Twelve Years of Willow Glen Traditions” encircles the

tree.  What makes this year’s ornament extra special is that it is the last in the series

of the commemorative globe ornaments, so get one while you can!


For those who might have missed adding the 2022 ornament to their collection, a

small number of the globes which featured La Villa are still available.

Link to view:


Shoppers can look for door signs that will identify stores are selling ornaments.

Here are the stores that will be selling the 2023 ornament, $30 +tax:

Boutique Dandelion


Mann’s Jewelers

Mariette Chocolates


2023 Willow Glen Ornament large.jpg
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