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2022 Willow Glen Ornaments

Limited Supply Available

THEY’RE BAAAACK… Back by popular demand, the 2022 WG Holiday ornament featuring Santa at La Villa is once again available for purchase! If you were unable to buy the 2022 ornament before they sold out, here’s some exciting news! A limited number of ornaments is once again available - this will be your last chance to add the 2022 ornament to your collection!

The theme of the 2022 ornament is a combination of Santa and a popular business on The Avenue-La Villa Delicatessen. The ornament features Santa holding up a large ravioli, a holiday dining tradition for many Willow Glen residents. A sparkly Christmas tree adds to the holiday vibe. As before, the ornament is a 3-dimentional sculpture within a blown glass globe, topped off with a red tassel. The rim of the base is dated with the year 2022 and the bottom of the base identifies the ornament as the eleventh in a series.

Ornaments will be available for purchase Friday, June 2nd at a price of $25 + tax at the following stores: La Villa, Three Sisters, Mariette Chocolate, Saguaro Home, & Boutique Dandelion. All profits go to supporting community events sponsored by the Willow Glen Business Association.

$25 + tax

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